Head of School Blog

D.J. Condon

In order to gain a better understanding of the Le Jardin High School student experience, I set myself the task of shadowing one student throughout one day. The idea was that by accompanying a student to each of her classes on a particular day, I would obtain first hand knowledge of a typical “day in the life” of an LJA high schooler. And this is how I came to find myself in Kennedy Anne’s MYP 5 English class first period last Thursday morning. Here’s my account of the day.

I am pleased to report that the initial findings of the visiting IB and WASC/HAIS accreditation team visits were quite positive. The teams commended the school for a thorough, honest self-study and a well-written report. They also reported being very impressed by our students, whom they found to be caring, respectful, and knowledgeable inquirers and communicators—in short, that they embody well the attributes of the IB Learner Profile.

At least two extraordinary events occurred over the weekend, one of which I was privileged to witness in person, the other I wished I had been present to see after learning of it through several people who were there and were so moved by the experience that they felt compelled to reach out to let me know. Both events speak volumes about the character of our students.

Once again the Management and Educational Leadership teams have formulated an Operational Plan to guide our school improvement efforts for the year.

Of the many attractions that initially drew me to Le Jardin Academy — its strong sense of ohana, its just right size, its stunning physical beauty, among others — one that immediately resonated was its name. Besides being international in origin, which I deemed fitting for an IB World School, the name, translated from the original French as “The Garden,” suggests an organic orientation that fits my educational philosophy perfectly.