Cultivating a Community

of Learners Who Embrace

Hana Pono to Positively

Impact the World

Middle Years

Grades 6 - 10

Interdisciplinary studies cultivate student-driven inquiry and independence in an evidence-based learning environment.

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Grades 11 - 12

Project-based curriculum boosts the Diploma Programme to develop critical thinkers, and effective problem solvers, ready to positively impact the world.

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We Believe in Educating the Whole Child

Core values of individuality, excellence, innovation, peace, and relationships support students in learning to lead balanced, healthy lives through constructivist approaches, self-directed inquiry, and individualized instruction.

Our Distinctions


Students explore the visual arts, performing arts, and arts through design.

Whether researching an inquiry about global art, performing in a concert, or repurposing materials for an original design, LJA students employ the arts for problem-solving and creative expression.

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All grade levels engage in rich opportunities to develop a passion for innovation.

As global citizens, students interact with community partners through shared learning, sustained social and environmental stewardship, and innovation with intention.

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LJA students are immersed in experiential activities designed to make a positive impact.

Experiential education initiatives--or Impact Programs--provide diverse pathways for every student to engage in individual learning outside of the classroom on a personal, meaningful level.

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Community clubs and partnerships create a network that extends beyond LJA's campus.

From co-curricular clubs to active partnerships, LJA connects students with purposeful, impactful activities that make a difference in their community.

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Fun and learning doesn't stop at the end of the academic school day.

Over 30 different learning opportunities beyond the classroom allow students to explore interests and give back to the community through after-school programs, summer fun, and summer school.

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Our school is a vibrant community, where everyone is treated like Family.

“I didn't know what kuleana or hana pono was until I got to LJA. These values embody how I view most things now. I feel a strong sense of kuleana to help those who are less fortunate.”

Jonathan E. '25

“The IB program prepared me well for undergrad. I was definitely more prepared for college... the IB approach promotes a depth of education and a mindset of being able to know not only how, but why.”

Dr. Kasey Tamamoto '15

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May 18-20, 2024
Topics: End of Year Operational Goals, Progress Share Out, Get Stakeholder Feedback for Next Year

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