Le Jardin Academy adopts and endorses the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile goal to be knowledgeable, open-minded, courageous, principled, reflective, and caring thinkers.

Vision Statement

Le Jardin Academy will be known as Hawaii’s leader in international education. We will be recognized for teaching excellence and for providing extraordinary teaching and learning experiences that ignite creativity, passion and initiative while deeply engaging with cultural and natural resources. We will have a solid financial foundation that will support growth in innovative programming, state of the art facilities, and local and global community partnerships.

Mission Statement

Globally oriented with a strong sense of community, Le Jardin Academy equips students to achieve individual excellence, develop sound character, and positively impact the world.

Achieving Our Mission


The School, in partnership with the family, strives to accomplish its mission by:

  • Believing that high expectations and high standards are important in academics and in personal ethics, integrity, and behavior.
  • Providing unified, coherent, and engaging academic and extracurricular programs that encourage cooperative learning, support multiple learning styles, and foster a global perspective.
  • Creating a nurturing, challenging and supportive community that embraces and celebrates diversity.
  • Valuing and emphasizing the development of positive character, the making of healthy choices, and the giving of service to others.
  • Expecting that the daily interaction of students and adults will be marked by kindness, civility, generosity, and mutual respect.
  • Maintaining a safe, friendly, and healthy environment in which students have the opportunity to be mindful of themselves and their learning.

Expected Learning Results

LJA strives to develop students who are:

  1. Independent learners, who are knowledgeable and balanced in academics, arts, foreign language, and physical education.
  2. Critical and creative thinkers, who are able to conduct inquiry and research, make decisions, develop strategies, and solve problems.
  3. Effective and open-minded communicators, who take risks and are able to express ideas through verbal, written, and artistic expression.
  4. Productive and reflective community members, who are caring and respectful of the feelings and ideas of others.
  5. Responsible and principled global citizens, who understand and appreciate cultural and ideological diversity and the need to protect and preserve our fragile environment.

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