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LJA will pursue the following strategic priorities through its next strategic and operational plans. 

  • Belonging and Access for Learners
  • A Culture of Shared Learning
  • Innovative IB-grounded Programming
  • Authentic Local and Global Impact

Our vision is to invite courageous adventurers to join in supporting one another as we strive for the summit and become leaders who will positively impact the world.


Le Jardin Academy values individuality, excellence, innovation, peace, and relationships.

Honor individual pathways to success and happiness. 

The unique gifts of each individual enrich our learning community. We honor and support diverse approaches to self-actualization through inquiry and passion-based learning.  We embrace happiness as an essential measure of our efficacy as an educational institution.  

ʻAʻohe pau ka ʻike i ka hālau hoʻokahi - All knowledge is not taught in the same school

Strive for excellence.  

Excellence is achieved through self-determination, resilience and action. Our culture encourages growth and personal mastery through individual ownership and agency. We are principled in challenging ourselves and others and pursue win-for-all outcomes.

E kūlia i ka nu'u - Strive to reach the summit

Innovate for positive change. 

By design, we embrace iterative processes by using curiosity and creativity to take action and make change. As local and global citizens, we actively engage our community and partners through shared learning, sustained social and environmental stewardship and innovation with intention.

Hana i kahi hopena maikaʻi - Make a positive impact

Serve peace. 

We serve peace in all we do and recognize that positive peace is a consistent value of individual wellbeing, open-minded and compassionate interaction, and intercultural communication. We respect diverse perspectives and cultivate inclusivity. We peacefully stand up to injustice.

Lōkahi - Unity, harmony, agreement

Nurture relationships and resources.

Our greatest strength is in community. We steward healthy relationships through mutual respect and collaboration, and care for the wellbeing of people, land and financial resources. Our goal is to ensure resilience, flexibility, and increased access over the long term.

Aloha kekahi i kekahi - Care for all that is in relation to oneself.



To cultivate a community of learners who embrace hana pono to positively impact the world.