Head of School Blog

Return to School

Aloha kākou!

We look forward to welcoming students back to school next week and working with you to realize a shared vision for our learning community as a leader in international education: recognized for excellence in teaching and extraordinary learning opportunities that ignite creativity, passion and initiative in our young people.

While we begin the year with in-person learning, we expect that we may have to shift to distance learning at times during the year. Unlike last year, however, we feel better prepared to adapt to changing circumstances and would intend to return to face-to-face learning as soon as conditions allow. In sharing our Division Learning Plans and Phase III Procedures, Protocols and Practices, we hope that you feel comfortable, know what to expect and what options are available as circumstances ebb and flow. It is certainly not what we would have wanted, but it is our best effort to frame opportunities for learning under different scenarios to serve a variety of needs in our community.

We also continue to plan for the future in the following ways: 

  1.  Collective Impact We continue to lead collective efforts to impact our Ko’olaupoko and global community. We believe that these efforts serve not only our greater community, but also enrich our students' experiences through interactions with others beyond our campus’ and country’s boundaries. Our students have already discovered natural connections with their peers: sustainable development initiatives, social justice initiatives, robotics, music and sports programs.As resources and facilities permit, we look forward to expanding this portfolio of work.
  2. Facilities Enhancements Our Master Facilities Plan shifts from planning to programming and design. We believe that the planned improvements will benefit current students and attract new families to LJA. While this is not the time to begin new projects, like the surfer who paddles out in anticipation of a swell, LJA is positioning itself to take full advantage of the opportunity when it arrives.
  3. Academic and Social Development Our foundation remains the IB program, and we are committed to implementing the program and practices with greater fidelity and success with each passing year. In addition to the IB program, we envision a broadening set of interest-based talent development opportunities and a stronger set of interventions for those who need assistance. Our goal is for all students to thrive at LJA and to see their school as an extension of their ʻohana.

I know that our families, faculty and staff are eager to provide each and every student with the best year of learning ever, and we look forward to working with you throughout the 2020-21 school year!

E mālama ola,
Earl Kim