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Together, weʻve got this!

Level 2 - Heightened Risk

Positivity = 3.2%

ICU Headspace = 80%

Aloha kākou,

A thousand unsung heroes have worked behind the scenes to make our return to campus not only possible but truly joyful. From our staff who raced to transition from distance to in-person learning without missing a beat to our Medical Hui who expertly advised us every step of the way, many hands were responsible for getting us back to in-person learning. A special mahalo to our parents who went out of their way to make our return-to-campus just a little more special for our students. 

For some, it was all you could do to get the keiki out the door and hele on to work--nevermind the extra steps pre-screening your children. We get it!! But when we asked you to shoulder another chore, you made it happen, and it’s made a big difference. Mahalo!

For others, you sent us heartwarming pictures that reminded us why we do the work that we do: happy children eager to see their friends and teachers again. Still others lived the mission of LJA and took actions beyond themselves to make our community a better place for all: organizing a bevy of sign-wavers, mascots and smiling faces to greet returnees at drop-off; welcoming newcomers at a virtual Trivia Night; dropping off notes of appreciation to teachers; helping out at the Boys and Girls Club to stripe their basketball court...each gave as he/she was able. Mahalo piha!

Your commitment to the strength and wellbeing of our school-community is apparent and greatly appreciated. Your collaboration, creativity and problem-solving make us more confident than ever that, together, we will make this a fantastic year for all of our keiki. Mahalo nui for your continued kōkua, commitment to our community and vigilance.  Together, weʻve got this!

Me ke aloha,
Earl Kim