Distance Learning 2020-21

Distance learning at Le Jardin Academy has two main aims -- to promote student well-being and continued academic growth. We use the term distance learning intentionally instead of online learning to express that we believe learning can take place at a distance without being in front of a screen all day. 

Our objective is to deliver a student-centered learning model utilizing instructional best practices that meet educational goals of our students. Students are offered a choice between face-to-face and distance learning with the flexibility to switch back and forth between the models on a quarterly basis. 

At LJA we believe that distance learning should be: 

  • Rooted in our mission 
  • Based on our existing IB Curriculum and aligned with the face-to-face on-campus learning 
  • Hands-on and engaging 
  • Age-appropriate in regard to content, form, and delivery 
  • Meet the social and emotional needs of our diverse student body
  • A balance of synchronous vs asynchronous depending on age 
  • Flexible. Teachers are architects of learning experiences. Some weeks may look different from others as experiences may be best delivered via video conference, while others might be best delivered through a hands-on opportunity in which students discover independently
  • Centered around strong relationships and communication between students, teachers, and families