By design, Le Jardin Academy embraces iterative processes by using curiosity and creativity to take action and make change in our everyday learning.

We are dedicated to systems-based thinking and application of the design cycle as our approach to solving all problems, whether it be a student research question in a Grade 4 Unit of Inquiry, an engineering challenge in the MYP, or even a strategic planning process at an institutional level. At LJA, we use visible thinking routines from Harvard University’s School of Education Project Zero as an approach to develop habits around deeper thinking and thinking made visible to improve creativity, curiosity and problem solving. Through the practice of action and iteration, students build on their toolkit and gain valuable tools to be activated in learning and life as they approach new situations.

Hana i kahi hopena maikaʻi - Make a positive impact

As local and global citizens, we actively engage our community and partners through shared learning, sustained social and environmental stewardship and innovation with intention. To accomplish this, LJA formed the Ko‘olaupoko Impact Collective in 2021 to cultivate a more interconnected community through shared, meaningful work experiences that transcend campus boundaries and unite LJA students with non-LJA students around student driven projects. An emphasis on multi-age collaboration both in and out of the classroom creates opportunities for mentorship and collaboration outside of traditional models. Programs range from music to journalism to stewardship and serve to nurture a sense of worth, impact, and community responsibility in students. The end result is a broader learning community enriched by its diversity in backgrounds and experiences, and connected by a common purpose to positively impact its communities and world.