Primary Years Program (PYP)

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Units of Inquiry

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Foreign Language

Students chose a foreign language to study following this schedule:

  • Entering Kindergarten or Grade 1 – choice of French or Chinese each year
  • Entering Grade 2 or new to Grade 3 – choice of French or Chinese to study during grades 2 and 3
  • Entering Grade 4 or new to Grade 5 – choice of French, Spanish, Japanese or Chinese to study through High School.


Responsible student-initiated action comes as a result of the inquiry process when students are given the opportunity to respond to their learning. It may take the form of simple actions like finding a book or article or it may have a more complex, social impact like starting a campaign to raise awareness about a specific topic.

Students who participate in the International Baccalaureate programs are given the opportunity to share their learning through a final project and in the PYP, the culmination is called Exhibition. Students work in collaborative groups to showcase communication, research, social, thinking, and self-management skills to address a local issue that has global significance. This is the ultimate display of student-initiated action where they participate in their own learning in a purposeful and beneficial way.