Life in the Middle


Advisory is an integral part of our Middle School experience. Students meet in small groups with their Faculty Advisor to engage in discussions and activities that will help students succeed.

Advisors will also act as a liaison for communication between school and home.

Learning Support

LJA is an inclusive learning environment that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for our students by identifying and removing barriers.

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Juniper Krog
Middle School Learning Support
Ph: 808.261.0707 x3150

SEA Block

All incoming MS students will have the choice of an enrichment opportunity for their SEA Block (School Service, Extended Study Help, or Arts). SEA will meet twice a cycle for 45 min. Students have the opportunity to choose from Band, Visual Art, Chorus, Drama (stage craft), School Service, and Extended Study Help (opportunity for students to receive additional help).

Service and Action

Every Middle School student is required to participate in community service projects throughout the school year.

Student Counselor

Counseling services are available to support students for academic, social, and emotional concerns. Students are able to make appointments or stop by our Middle School Counselor's office; however, Teachers, Administrators, and parents can refer students as well. Most counseling takes place before school, after school, or during lunch to avoid interfering with instructional time; however, there are times when students are directly referred to the Middle School Counselor if issues need to be addressed immediately.

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Tribes Teaming

Middle School students meet in mixed-grade level groups, called Tribes, once a class cycle for an extended period. Through group initiative activities, students are challenged to understand and practice the attitudes, actions, and processes that promote positive and effective group interaction.