Secondary (9-12)

LJA's High School program strives to develop knowledgeable and caring young people of character who help to create a more peaceful and sustainable world through understanding, stewardship, and respect.

In Grades 9-10, students inquire into interdisciplinary issues and topics through language and literature, individuals and societies, maths, sciences and their choice of arts, design and an additional language. The MYP is designed to prepare students with the skills, knowledge and understanding required for the rigor of the Diploma Program (DP).

In Grades 11-12, learning is even more personalized as students select six courses from within each of the subject groups. DP courses are two years in length. Students also take Theory of Knowledge and write a 4,000 word extended essay on a subject of their choice in order to receive the IB Diploma.

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Alex Ramsvig
Head of Secondary Division
Ph: 808.261.0707 x2325

Stacey Surina
Secondary Division Administrative Assistant
Ph: 808.261.0707 x1120

808.261.0707 X7004


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