Financial Aid

Le Jardin Academy provides financial aid to approximately 21% of its student base and 89% of all financial aid applicants with an average award in excess of $6,100. These awards generally range from 10% to 60% of total tuition expense and are offered from Grades K-12. The amount of Financial Aid depends upon a family's income, assets, number of dependents, number of children attending an independent school, living expenses, taxes, medical expenses, personal indebtedness, and any extraordinary expenses. The assets and earnings of both parents will be considered in determining award amounts. Financial Aid awards are made on the basis of the availability of funds and are consistent with established guidelines.


Families in Grades K- 12 can apply for financial aid online starting on September 1 at: An analysis will be sent directly to Le Jardin Academy. Our school code is 4576.

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Financial Aid applications will not be processed and funds will not be awarded until all documents are submitted. Documents may be uploaded to, or walked in. Please do not email documents.

For parents who are divorced, separated, or never married, information for both biological parents is required.

  • A copy of signed 2022 federal (1040) income taxes, with all filed schedules and attachments
  • A copy of 2022 Wage and Tax Statement/s (Form W2) and/or 1099
  • Mortgage Statement or Lease Agreement (if applicable)
  • Copy of one month Paycheck/Paystub (most recent)
  • Copies of 2022 Business tax returns and/or K-1s (if applicable)
  • Form 4506-T may be requested

Documents can be uploaded through your online financial aid application.

We will continue to process financial aid applications until all funds have been appropriated.

The Financial Aid Committee will review all applications and financial aid awardees will be notified of their financial award via email.





Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Ph: 808.261.0707 x1250 or x1310