Principal's Message

by Vicki McNeill, HS Principal


Nick Vinsonhaler Berkeley School of Music

Conner McKinney UH

Cassie Barina Melbourne University

Madeline St. John Goucher University

Brianne Tabios USC

Chad Derosier USC

Taylor Souza Lindfield

Dominic Venezia Menlo College

Alyssa Dominguez Grand Canyon University

Justin Shuman Oregon State

Last week we were honored to have a panel of our alumni return to talk to our students about their college experiences and how their time in the IB at LJA helped prepare them for that journey. Thanks to Nicole Lunn in the Advancement Office for arranging this event and to our Director of College Counseling Scott Liedtke for moderating the conversation. The panel represented a range of interests and universities but their message was consistent: our alums are thriving in the college environment and feel well prepared to handle the work load and to navigate college life. Thanks to the following alumni for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit with the current HS students!


Congratulations to MS & HS Chorus and Band for putting on a great concert last week! Click here to see the live steam.

Impact Term 

By: Christina Hoe

As we wrap up our first semester, we are all very excited about our upcoming Impact Term (I-Term). The goal of I-Term is to provide unique learning opportunities outside of our traditional schedule and curriculum, allowing students and faculty to dive deeper into particular areas of interest. Some students will gain valuable work experience through internships with Monica Lau Photography, our Business Office, our School Nurse, and our Tech Department, as well as with teachers at Le Jardin's Lower School and Kailua Elementary. Our theater students will explore careers in the theater industry, visiting various theaters around the island, and our avid debaters will undertake a mini-law school course, including a visit to the state supreme court. A group of biology and environmental systems students will spend the week at Coconut Island learning about ocean ecology and data collection, while other students will explore artistic expression through mosaic making, plein air painting and beautiful baking. At the end of I-term, some students will be certified peer mediators, furthering their understanding of mental and emotional wellbeing, while others will be SCUBA certified, deepening their appreciation of the ocean wilderness. As our golfers hone their skills on the green, a crew of builders will hone their problem solving and design skills, as they undertake construction of a Tiny House. Meanwhile, our Food for Thought cohort will refine their pallets and their understanding of sustainable food systems on O'ahu. Traveling internationally, a group of students will head to Laos on a community service and cultural immersion expedition, another group will explore New Zealand on a community service and environmental conservation trip, and another will head to China for language and cultural immersion. Back on island, several students will participate in a language immersion experience in Japanese and French, and another group will focus on Hawaiian cultural immersion and stewardship. All in all, we hope this "week without walls" will inspire everyone and feed our individual and collective passion for learning. A huge mahalo to our parent community for willingly taking this leap of faith as we endeavor to provide another extraordinary learning experience to our students.

HS Academics Thoughts

by Alex Ramsvig, HS Dean of Academics

Happy Holidays!


By the time you are reading this most HS students and families will be starting their first day of the Winter break! I hope everyone has a relaxing, enjoyable and family filled time during the holidays. A few quick notes:


  • HS Exams for 9-11 and Mock DP exams for grade 12 seemed to go very well this year. This exam period was purposefully designed to give each student the best opportunity to provide evidence of learning and inform our teacher's holistic understanding of each student's understanding and skill.
  • There will be an DP Open House and Information session on January 29th for 10th grade parents and students. The evening will provide a general overview of the DP program, as well as an opportunity to meet with DP teachers to ask subject specific questions.

Thank you all for a wonderful first semester!





Student and Guest Guidelines and Form 

Forms and Payments are due on Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Pomaika'i Ballrooms

Friday, January 25


$40.00 per person



Tammy & Baby Atlas are doing great! Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays! 


Announcements & Reminders

 Jamba Juice Sales - December 21

Jamba Juice smoothies will be available every first and third Fridays of the month. The third Friday will be after school at the Lower and Middle School. $5.00 per juice. All proceeds benefit the Class of 2019 Project Grad.


Winter Break - December 24-January 7

Enjoy the holidays and time with your family and friends during our Winter Break! Students will return to school on Tuesday, January 8th.


PDD #3 - January 7

Professional Development Day #3 for faculty and staff on Monday, January 7th. 


I-Term - January 8-11

The High School will be piloting its first I-Term from January 8-11.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - January 21

Campus will be closed.


Winter Ball- January 25
Pomaika'i Ballroom, 6:30pm- 10:00pm

Grade 10 Parent and Student DP Night - January 29

More information coming soon!



Attendance Hotline

261-0707 x7004

Vicki McNeill

HS Principal

261-0707 x1020 

Office #1 on the second floor of the HS Building

Lizbeth Smith

MS/HS Registrar

261-0707 x3070

Office #5/6 on the second floor of the Gym

Alex Ramsvig

HS Dean of Academics & DP Coordinator

261-0707 x2325

Room 407A on the second floor of the HS Building

Krista Quint

MS Dean of Academics & MYP Coordinator

261-0707 x2050

Room 310 in the MS Building

Leah Magana

Director of Learning

261-0707 x1070

Office in the Main Admin Building

Christina Hoe

Experiential Education Coordinator

261-0707 x2110

Loft office in the Gym

Scott Liedtke

Director of College Counseling

261-0707 x2220

Room 407A on the second floor of the HS Building

Tammy Thomas

HS Admin Assistant

261-0707 x1120

Office 2 on the second floor of the HS Building


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