7th Grade Visual Arts Students Perform Their 4 School-Wide Agreements Skits for Kindergarteners 

MYP Minute

Krista Quint, MYP Coordinator & MS Dean of Academics


Aloha LJA families,


On Friday March 15th you will receive your child's interim report card for Semester 2. This is aimed at giving you a snapshot of where your child's grade are in the criteria that have been assessed so far this semester.


Please do set aside some time to sit down with your child and let them explain what they're doing in their classes and what their grades mean. Teachers work hard to help students understand what they're learning and why, as well as the criteria and the expectations for each task they're given. Discussing these things at home will help to support what we're doing in our classes.


For more information on MYP assessment, here is a refresher:

Assessment in the MYP

*To see the rubric descriptors for the different levels on Managebac: Go to the 'progress' tab and go to the little 'i' next to his/her grades, you will see descriptions of the criteria at the different levels from 0-8.


Any questions, please send them my way!


Thank you,


Bake Sale


The MS Student Government Association held a bake sale last week with proceeds donated to the middle school for dances, trips, and other great experiences.


Thanks SGA!


Service as Action News

Juniper Krog, SA & Learning Support Coordinator



All About Reflections....


Last week, a group of students chose to uplift their community of peers by creating posters to hang in common spaces with a theme of positive encouragement, as a collaborative SA Activity. In this picture, you can see that some of the posters are meant to address self esteem and redefine the idea of "beauty" for girls. As we were creating posters, we discussed the reflection prompt "What need in your community are we trying to address?" The responses were that kids in middle school can tend to get down on themselves. That's not uncommon in middle school, it comes with the territory! So when reflecting on how this activity would address this need, they said that "we feel better when we see quotes and encouragement from each other, not just from adults". It was great to see these girls collaborating to support other girls in this way, especially because this activity happened to land on International Women's Day, March 8th!


GUESS WHAT....The above paragraph is an example of an SA reflection (picture and all!) Why did I trick you into reading my SA reflection?? Because now is the time to be writing reflections for your SA activities! SA activities will not be marked "Complete" until you have written a good reflection for each activity (that's 4 total). A good reflection may seem like a mythical beast right about now, as it is so close to spring break, but this is why it's a good time to be creative and use pictures, videos, links to websites or other creative forms, instead of a simple "boring paragraph". Use quotes, talk about what you thought about, give little anecdotes about what happened. Even a poem would be appropriate if it contains the information in the prompt. The Prompt is the writing just above the reflection box (in some views it is below) and it tells you what to consider in your reflection. Here is the prompt straight from Managebac. Choose one or two questions to address- no need to reflect on every single one:
"To guide your reflection, you may consider the following at different stages of an activity (prior to starting, during, and after completion):


  • What does the activity mean to you personally?
  • What need in the community did you try to address?
  • What do you perceive and notice about yourself or the community you are serving?
  • What did you learn from this activity related to he learning outcomes you chose, and how might you extrapolate from this to apply any lesson to your life more generally?
  • How did your actions help the community?"

If you choose to to upload a picture or video, please respond to at least one of the prompting questions in the caption of the photo or video description. For websites, you will need to add a separate written explanation of the website's importance to your activity and also respond to a prompting question. Happy Reflection Writing! If you need more SA activities please check the newsletter next week for more local leads, for ways you can help the communities here on Oahu.



PFA Parent Forum



Mark your calendars for the PFA's Parent Forum happening March 14 from 6-8 p.m. in the Wang. The forum will cover questions such as, How do we know whether or not our students are successful? Are standardized test scores and GPA's as important as they seem to be? Explore these topics and more with your fellow parents and Head of School D.J. Condon.


Faculty Spotlight

My new poetry chapbook is called, Messages from Salt Water and is a two-part collection of narrative poems about my childhood in Japan, and later adult years in Canada and the US.


The book explores the various ways that childhood experiences can shape our personal identity as adults (not unlike one of our 8th grade's Language & Literature units!).


LJA's Middle School Art Teacher, Andrea Tam, designed and created the book cover, and High School Art Teacher, Amy Manso, is the book and promotional photographer.


Once Messages from Salt Water is officially released in the summer, it will be available on Amazon and at various book distribution outlets. The book is currently available for pre-sales through Finishing Line Press, an award-winning publication house that specializes in poetry chapbooks and full book-length poetry publications. Recommended for ages 13 and up with parent guidance. 

Click HERE for more info

Project Grad May Day Lei Sale  

Pre-order lei for friends, family and faculty.

Pay online now for easy stress free
pick up on campus at May Day program.

Noon, Wed., 4/22!

Click HERE

Sign-Up Now for the LJA Blood Drive March 21, 2019


Donate to help those in need (and their families), or even to find out what type of blood you have. Even if you don't feel comfortable or can't donate, tell a family member or friend who can! It is super easy to sign up and save up to 3 lives! Snacks and drinks will also be provided to those who participate!


To apply please (1) add your name to the Blood Drive 2019 OFFICIAL SCHEDULE and (2) have the parental consent form (attached below) signed if you are under the age of 18 and give it to me.

Note: If you went to Laos for I-term you cannot donate


LJA Athletics


Check out upcoming athletic events as well as find out more information on  tryouts, sports schedules, and more by visiting the LJA Athletics webpage at or click HERE.


Reminder LJA Winter Sports Athletics Banquet tonight in the Wang beginning at 5:30



View the Spring Break Extended Day calendar HERE for grades 1-8. Please sign up with the Extended Day Program on our website.

CALENDAR 2019-2020


You can find our calendar for the upcoming school year HERE.



Our Summer School registration  is open for LJA families! 

Summer School dates are June 17 - July 19, 2019.  

Please check the Le Jardin Academy website for the course catalog and registration for classes from Kindergarten to 12th grade. 

Students register for courses for the grade they will be entering in the 2019-2020 School Year. 

If you have any questions, please email

MAP Testing

Change of Date


MAP Math testing, April 2 - 5

MAP Reading testing, April 9-12


Spring 2019 Scholastic Book Fair

Volunteers Needed (4/9 - 4/12)


You can help foster our kids' love of reading by volunteering at the Spring Book Fair! Proceeds will benefit the library and Project Grad.


Experience is not essential, but Book Fair mentors are greatly appreciated to help carry on the tradition and train new volunteers. New partial shifts available! All help appreciated and no contribution is too small. 


For more information or to sign-up click HERE.


8th Grade Trip 

New Location and Dates

May 8 - May 10


Students return to the Big Island! More information regarding the location, costs and itinerary coming in a detailed separate email soon.

Lost and Found


This week's item of interest is  MONEY!  If your child reported losing cold hard cash please have them come see Ms. Do. Many other items are waiting to be claimed as well including water bottles, jackets, hats and more! All items not claimed after two weeks will be donated or properly disposed. 





March 25 - 29, Spring Break


April 2 - 12, MAP Testing 


April 4, MS Coffee with the Principal


April 18, Poetry Slam


April 27, LJA Gala


May 1, May Day - all K - 8 released after program


May TBD, Young Playwrights play readings


May 8 - 10, 8th Grade Trip 


May TBD - Band Concert


May 18, Artsfest


May 21, Chorus Concert


May 24, Farewell Dance


May 27, Memorial Day Holiday - No school


May 30, 8th Grade Move-Up Ceremony


May 31, Probability Fair


June 4, MS Awards Night


June 5, Last Day of School & Waterpark Trip






Attendance Hotline

261-0707 x7004


Lizbeth Smith

MS/HS Registrar

261-0707 x3070


Kim McDonald

MS Admin Assistant


Juniper Krog

Learning Support Coordinator 


Sean Landau

MS/HS Counselor


Jessica Osborne
MS/HS Counselor


Krista Quint

Dean of Academics, MYP Coordinator


Julie Do

Middle School Principal




Project Grad Jamba Juice Fundraiser

Only $5  - Variety of flavors

Portion of proceeds benefit Project Grad


At the Gym & Middle School Courtyard

1st Fridays of the month 12:30 to 1:15pm:  


In the Loop & Middle School Courtyard

3rd Fridays of the month 2:30-3:30 pm 


California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser


Get 20% of your check donated to LJA's PFA

Upcoming CPK dates: 

March 13April 10, May 8

Click HERE for the March 13th flyer


 Box Tops

We are collecting Box Tops for Education again this year (a purple label on various household items)


 Keep them coming.


The box is located near Mrs. McDonald's desk. in the MS office.


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