Le Jardin Academy feels like a community, where everyone is treated like family, and opportunities stretch as far as students can imagine it.

Students are encouraged to be curious and are supported to lead balanced lives by teachers trained in their fields — whether it’s early childhood education or Mandarin Chinese — and love teaching it. Students are empowered to explore, to appreciate the arts, and to care for the environment and each other.

Students are supported in learning to lead balanced, healthy lives, to appreciate the arts, and to value the diverse perspectives of other people and cultures. Le Jardin Academy is proud to be a school that empowers students to be upstanding global citizens.

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As another way to commemorate our 60th Anniversary, LJA wants to capture your passion for our school. 

Driven by the Poetry Posse --four members of the Class of '22 -- a "crowdsourced poem" will be created by compiling curated poetic submissions written by and representing our school community. We are gathering insights and submissions from students and alumni, parents, teachers, faculty, staff, and others with a connection to our community to develop a holistic view of "the voices of LJA".