Why Join LJA Connect?

The Le Jardin Academy community network spans more than 50 years starting with toddlers who made up the one-room preschool class in 1961. Since, many alumni have left their footprints on our campus as they moved through to other schools until 2002 when we opened our high school. In 2006, LJA graduated its first high school class and the network has continued to widen.

LJA Connect is a community where alumni can:

1. BUILD relationships as a mentor or mentee

2. CONNECT with fellow alumni and professionals

3. FIND and POST jobs and/or internships

4. ENGAGE through discussion boards and messaging

Mentorship Opportunities

Make yourself available for mentorship and share career advice, contacts and personal experiences in a one-on-one relationship with your mentee.

Or find a professional to mentor you by searching for experienced alumni already working in your field. And gain insights from an accomplished professional to help you achieve your professional goals

Connecting with Alumni

Create an account by completing the quick and easy profile. You can use LinkedIn to automatically populate some of your profile information. Once an administrator verifies your account, you'll be ready to start connecting!


Nicole Lunn
Stewardship and Relations Coordinator
Ph: 808.261.0707 x1730

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