Aloha LJA Ohana,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  As we begin this unprecedented year we are presented with the opportunity to do what LJA does best: innovate and create new traditions while embracing familiar favorites with a new twist represented by the extraordinary times we find ourselves in. 

The PFA will continue its long tradition of reinforcing the mission of LJA by supporting school events and providing families with information on school activities and parent issues. We have representatives for each division and they can be reached along with PFA officers for any questions or concerns. We welcome parents to attend any and all PFA meetings and events.  

We look forward to a fun and creative year. 

Thank you, 
Jami Burks 
PFA President 2020-2021

PFA Executive Committee 

Jami Burks

Barbara Picayo

Mercedes Fagundes

Kaleo Ahina & Jenny Jamrog
New Families Representatives

Ann Medeiros
Communications Representative

Johanna Katzman
Junior School Division Representative

Kristy Scherman & Denice Kolodny
Lower School Division Representatives

Blair Morrison
Middle School Representative

Linda Diersbock & Rori Spriggs
High School Representatives

PFA Activities


Mission Statement

The Le Jardin Academy PFA is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to:
  • Support the mission of Le Jardin Academy as determined by the Board of Trustees of the school
  • Enhance communication between the school and its families
  • Assist the school with its needs and promote the welfare of students through unique learning opportunities

The PFA serves Le Jardin Academy by:
  • Providing manpower resources for school-sponsored events
  • Providing grade level representatives to assist faculty with class events
  • Providing families with information on school activities and parent issues