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Announcing High School Principal

After a comprehensive search process, Le Jardin Academy is proud to announce the appointment of Alex Ramsvig as our incoming High School Principal. Alex currently serves as LJA's High School Dean of Academics/DP Coordinator and Acting High School Principal.

Alex brings an extensive range of expertise and experience to the position, including: a B.A. in History, Juris Doctor (JD), and Masters of Law (LLM). He is also a licensed teacher, certified swimming and soccer coach, and licensed attorney in both the U.S. and Canada. Alex's strong communication skills and growth mindset will serve LJA's community well. Throughout his time at LJA, Alex has demonstrated that he is an exceptional listener and thoughtful collaborator, and he will work well with LJA's many constituents.

Alex and his wife, Kyle, are parents of River and Rory, who are both students at LJA's Junior School. Kyle is also a LJA long-term sub at LJA and grade level parent.